About Us


  • Hagai Rom
    M.A. in business administration.
    Broad experience in the development of games, instructional material, simulations and training programs.

About DNA Educational Games

DNA- Educational Games is a company based in the Holy Land, specializing in the development and publishing of religion-themed educational games and other products, suitable for Christians and Jews.

As DNA developed its marketing activities, the company has also expanded its range of products and today it supplies a large variety of special, high-quality products targeted towards each set of believers.

DNA offers an advanced and highly flexible E-Shops infrastructure under which you can easily create your own personalized (Name, URL, etc.) E-Shop, including an already existing portfolio with hundreds of products.

What does DNA stand for?

DNA is the essence of LIFE. Life includes faith and knowledge that are very much wrapped up in family. And games bring them all together in a fun experience of learning, love and laughter.

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