About Us


  • Hagai Rom
    M.A. in business administration.
    Broad experience in the development of games, instructional material, simulations and training programs.

About DNA Educational Games

DNA- Educational Games is a company based in the Holy Land, specializing in the development and publishing experiential games for Christian believers and families.The Games, based on the New Testament, allow you to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and the Apostles in the Holy Land and beyond.

Our Mission:
To provide solutions for parents who are searching for ways of making the Bible come alive for their children and whole family.

DNA keeps these 3 basic notions in mind:

  • Connecting with Emotions – Experiencing FAITH.
  • Developing Cognitive Skills – Knowledge, Understanding and Life Application.
  • Encouraging Family Values - Communication, Quality Time and Family Bonding
  • What does DNA stand for?

    DNA is the essence of LIFE. Life includes faith and knowledge that are very much wrapped up in family. And games bring them all together in a fun experience of learning, love and laughter.

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